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The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. ASCO Redhat brand offers the worlds largest selection of 2-, 3- and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.
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General Description
  Important Optional Enclosures
Operation Nominal Ambient Temperature Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids
ASCO's patented adjustable flow control design has greater flow capacity than most conventional constructions where a separate adjustment speed control and ball check for free flow are utilized.

A spring loaded disc allows free flow in one direction and an adjustable or controlled flow in the opposite direction. Flow adjustment is performed by a tapered brass stem that controls the flow through the cross hole in the disc.
Valves may be mounted in any position.
The adjustable knob contains a unique locking device that consists of a plastic metering knob and thumb latch pawl. The valve bonnet is scribed with graduations to serve as a position indicator for the stem
When the pawl is in the up position, it creates a friction lock on the knurled bonnet and the knob cannot rotate. When the pawl is at 90° to the knob, the knob is free to rotate. 125°F Maximum. Body and Stem -- Brass
Seals -- Buna "N" Disc -- Acetal Spring -- 302 s.s. Retainer -- 17-7PH s.s.
Catalog Number Pipe Size (ins.) Orifice Size (ins.) CV Flow Factor ¹ Operating Pressure
Maximum Operating Pressure Differential
Max. Fluid Temp.
Meter Free Air-Inert Gas, Water and Light Oil
V022A1 ¼ ³/8 .22 1.2 1 300 180
V0222 ³/8 ³/8 .90 1.4 1 300 180
V0223 ½ 7/16 1.2 2.6 1 300 180
V0224 ¾ 17/32 1.6 4.0 2.5 300 180
NOTE: 1 -- Refer to Chart A for Cv vs. Metering Stem Turns.
Chart A Flow Characteristics for ASCO Flow Control Valves

Metering Stem Turns
Free Flow Data
Pipe Size Cv
¼ 1.2
³/8 1.4
½ 2.6
¾ 4.0
Example I: A ½" N.P.T. flow control valve is required to pass 3 GPM of water at a p of 16 psi. Determine the position of the metering stem.
Cv = GPM

  Cv = GPM


From the graph for the ½" N.P.T. flow control valve with a Cv of .75 the stem should be positioned three turns out from fully closed.

Example II: To determine the flow using the same data of 16 psi, and METERED Cv fo .75, the solution will be:
GPM = Cv = .75 = 3

Example III: The flow through this valve in the FREE FLOW position is: GPM = Cv* = 2.6 = 10.4
*Cv is obtained from the free flow data table.

P1 -- Inlet Pressure (PSIA)
P2 -- Outlet Pressue (PSIA)
p -- Pressure Drop (P1 - P2) psi
G -- Specific Gravit of Gas @ 14.7 PSIA and 60°F
T -- Absolute Temperature of Flowing Medium (°F + 460)

Sizing Equations
Water Air
Cv = GPM

  Cv = SCFH

GPM = Cv SCFH = Cv 960