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The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. ASCO Redhat brand offers the worlds largest selection of 2-, 3- and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.

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Buy/QuotePart Number/ CatalogPSIMedia TypeCV FlowPrice
purchase 8210B054 100air13321.10
purchase 8210B054 100water13321.10
purchase 8210B054 80oil13321.10
purchase 8210G054 150air13276.45
purchase 8210G054 125water13276.45
purchase 8210G054 125oil13276.45
purchase 8210G089 150air131045.70
purchase 8210G089 125water131045.70
purchase 8210G089 125oil131045.70
purchase 8210G027 300air13.5462.65
purchase 8210G027 225water13.5462.65
purchase 8210G027 115oil13.5462.65
purchase 8210G078 300air13.5441.75
purchase 8210G078 300water13.5441.75
purchase 8210G078 300oil13.5441.75
purchase 8210B057 125air13607.05
purchase 8210B057 125water13607.05
purchase 8210B057 125oil13607.05
purchase 8210G014 150air13296.40
purchase 8210G014 150water13296.40
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